Impact Of Efficiency On Economic Growth In Agricultural Sectors

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Saidova D. N., Ashurmetova N. A., Dexkanova Sh. S., Hudayberdiyeva F. M., Ilmuratov Sh. M.


The research paper argues implementation of scientific and technological progress in agriculture is based on economic and biological laws inherent in it. As a result, scientific and technological progress in agricultural production has its own characteristics that follow from the specifics of cultivation, harvesting, storage, transportation and processing of agricultural products.Cultivation of agricultural crops is carried out on fertile soils, and obtaining high and stable yields is achieved both through rational processing of land plots and through the use of organic and mineral fertilizers, optimal doses of plant protection products. The efficient use of land, means of production and material resources depends on the introduction of scientifically grounded crop rotations, new technologies and high-performance equipment.

Agricultural crops differ in biological composition, vegetation periods and the degree of use of products for food without processing and after revision. In this regard, the development of scientific and technological progress should be carried out in the direction of a fuller and better use of the biological characteristics of a particular type of agricultural crops. Particular attention should be paid to the development of industries and industries for storage, processing and sale of products. Many types of crops for cultivation are very labor intensive. This primarily applies to row crops and industrial crops. Their cultivation requires much more living labor than the cultivation of grain crops. Thus, in the cultivation of vegetable crops, labor costs per 1 ha of crops are 40-60 times higher than in the production of grain crops. The acceleration of scientific and technological progress should contribute to the development of new machinery and equipment, primarily for the cultivation of labor-intensive crops with the comprehensive mechanization of production processes.

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