The Sequel of VDOCS On the Magnification of Learners in Identifying the Tenets of Political Ideologies

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Alejo A. Cambri Jr.


This research ushers to magnify the academic performance of Grade 11 GAS students in identifying the nature, features and characteristics of the tenets of political ideologies through Video Documentaries. The intervention was introduced to address the problem on classroom teaching of the lesson in Philippine Politics and Governance specifically on the topic on Tenets of Political Ideologies. The study assumed to register the consistent low performance among grade 11 learners. The obtrusion is a compilation of video documentaries to enhance their difficulty in identifying the nature, features and characteristics of the tenets of political ideologies. It inscribed their need through technological integration through the use of video documentaries. It uncovered the learners about issues on various political thoughts like conservatism, socialism, communism, capitalism etc. Moreover, it further escorts the idea that this obtrusion upheld the K to 12 pedagogical tumult for empowering the teacher-learner to embrace technology as a tool for better grasp of teaching learning pedagogy.  

The intervention was employed among Grade 11 Shakespeare students following a one group design. The results of the study showed that there is a significant increase in the academic performance of the students after the implementation of the intervention. Furthermore, it also indicated that there is a very large effect on the learning competency addressed. This notes that the intervention enhanced students’ performance in identifying the tenets of political ideologies.

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