Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Culture in the Higher Education Institutions of Libya

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Naeimah Mohamed Ahmed Abuqadumah, Dr S M Ferdous Azam


This research seeks to investigate the effect of various components of transformational individualized Consideration, Inspirational Motivation, Idealized Influence, and Intellectual Simulations on the organizational culture among employees of public universities in Tripoli-Libya. This study utilizes quantitative research methodologies and techniques including SPSS software and AMOS SEM software to conduct analyses on the primary data that was obtained from selected employees from the Libyan Public Universities. This research aims at the Libyan public university workforce, which is all workers that are employed at Libyan public universities. However, the research selects three universities by performing a purposive sampling process that results in the universities with the greater number of students and that are situated in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, being the study's collection of participants. For data collection, the final valid sample size used is 224 participants. In the experiment performed, Idealized Influence was found to have the highest effect, Inspirational motivation was found to have the second impact, Intellectual simulations were found to have the third impact, and individualized consideration was found to have the least impact. Most research from around the field of education show that transformational leadership has a positive significant effect on organizational culture in Libyan higher education institutions, which has been shown by various studies within the same field of education but from different countries. The suggestion is that more study is required to examine whether or not the same paradigm may be used in various contexts, as well as to discuss any potential variations between countries. Additionally, the model can be expanded to include other leadership types, and, to that end, models other than transformational leadership can explore the differences between leadership types.

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