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MS. MEGHA SAINI, Jvn. Dr. C. R. Saraswat


The ritual education system was especially focused on education for a living. People used to prefer professions that gave access to jobs. But now-a-days, people have started choosing professions that give them joy, the  focus is more on enjoying one’s profession, than on just making money and increasing the number of zeros in one’s bank balance. Educationists have the power to shape minds of upcoming generations; it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to train these minds for life, to give them education for life, and not merely education for a living.Modern lifestyle demands tougher personalities, personalities having a strong psyche.Today's teachers should be able to demonstrate good intellectual, moral, emotional and social development and be able to promote the same among the students. Teacher plays an important role in the field of Education.

Today's Education is child- centered, but the child education cannot be successful without the teacher. Emotional intelligence adapts a wider perspective and helps us extend our understanding of our interactions with other and social world around us.Definitely, people are changing; our lifestyles are changing, and we are facing different challenges and different conflicts in our routine life. Emotional Intelligent teacher is also somebody who is very adaptable and flexible to situations. They are not stuck in their mind that this is the way I’m going to find and do it. So a teacher who’s having EI, they can easily deal with emotions through stressors and also there’s somebody who are able to control their own stress rather than get affected and behave in a negative manner.

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