Effect Of Working Conduct On Employee Performance :Emperical Study of Covid-19 pandemic

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Yunikewaty, Dimer M. Umbing, Worakamol Wisetsri


Pandemic Covid -19 overwrites the entire world so that Indonesia should follow the WHO protocol specified health. This study aims to analyze work behavior on employee performance, analyze employee readiness, and identify obstacles faced in supporting the new normal working area of ​​the Pulang Pisau Regency Regional Secretariat office. This research is expected can change the system of individual behavior and employee performance in the District Secretariat of Pulang Pisau Regency for 6 months. The research method will use a population of all employees of the District Secretariat office totaling 218 and samples were taken by random sampling of 100 people. Types of primary data and secondary data were collected by using questionnaires, interviews, treasing, and study documentation. The research instrument used a questionnaire to test the validity and reliability test. This study uses descriptive statistical analysis (qualitative analysis). The flow of research to be carried out is divided into the data input (instrument) stage, application development, program application development, and research reports (output). During the Covid-19 pandemic, employee discipline had an impact on performance. For this purpose, as the main human resources element of the State apparatus, Civil Servants have a role that determines the performance of government administration and development, in addition to having competencies that are indicated by high attitudes of discipline, strong results and attitudes and actions that are full of state allegiance and obedience. Job motivation often influences performance, so leadership increases the motivation of workers by engaging in both formal and informal training, classes, workshops or continuing higher education, so that employees can further improve their motivation and work performance.

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