Glazed Ceramics of Uzbekistan of the XXI Century: Tradition and Innovations

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Tashkhodzhaeva Diloram Vahidovna, Alieva Surayyo Sharipovna


Changes in the social conditions of the existence of traditional crafts naturally led to certain transformations that were reflected in the character of Uzbek ceramics.

The study aims to identify the artistic features of glazed ceramics in Uzbekistan in the XXI century based on an integrated approach that takes into account the technological, artistic, cultural aspects of the existence of this type of craft.

The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is the following principles of modern art history science - the historical-cultural and analytical-art method, comparative-typological methods of interpretation and an interdisciplinary approach, which make it possible to consider ceramics not only as a utilitarian and artistic, but also as an important cultural and historical phenomenon.

The practical significance lies in the possibility of widespread use of its main findings in further research of artistic glazed ceramics in Uzbekistan, an adaptation of its methodological approaches in relation to other types of traditional art.

Study and assessment of the individual quests of contemporary folk artists in the context of the problem of "tradition and innovation".

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