Study of Modality Literature in Text or Discourse

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Muhammad Miftah Sabban, Miftahulkhairah Anwar, Fathiaty Murtadho


This study aimed to examine the modalities in the text or discourse of some scientific articles. The method used is the study of literature. The data source comes from thirty scientific articles. The article was reviewed based on the purpose of the researchers analyzing modalities, the data sources used are the theories of modality that become guidelines for concluding, research methods applied, as well as the results and discussions presented by the researchers. Based on the results of the study obtained the purpose of the research of thirty articles studied is to identify, analyze, and describe modalities that are often used and identify modalities used to compile modalities in the text or discourse studied. The most widely used data source by researchers to analyze modalities is news text or newspapers. The theory used in the articles studied is the theory of systemic functional linguistic modality put forward by Halliday, Palmer, Alwi, and Bieber. In the process of reviewing the article found two types of research used, namely qualitative research type and type of research that combine qualitative and quantitative. The methods used are quite diverse, but the most widely used method is the corpus method. From the results and discussions, known modality plays an important role in the delivery of messages on text or discourse

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