Cultural Factors Fostering Entrepreneurial Opportunities And Growth In India

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Ms. Tripti Tiwari, Mr. Mohit Tiwari


Society and the cultural back ground of an individual play a very important role in the journey of an entrepreneur and his entrepreneurship. The society and the economic growth of the country grow parallel with the growth of an entrepreneur and his venture accordingly. For an entrepreneur and the behaviour of an entrepreneur, the level of educational qualification is very important and along with this there is a very significant role which is played by the friends, family, and the peer group. These socio cultural factors give them the moral and financial support which is the back bone for an individual and his new venture as well and with this support he or she takes the risk and implement new ideas in the business. For the development of any country or the region, entrepreneurship is a dynamic process which is now becoming a centre priority for socio economic development as well.

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