Computer Pointer Controller Using Gaze Estimation

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Dr. B. Mallikarjuna, Gyan Prakash Pandey, Shubham Pandey, Sarthak Ochani


Computer pointer Controller regulates the application centers around changing the situation of the mouse pointer from the course of the eyes to the head present. It can take a video record or webcam as information and afterward perform appropriately. It utilizes a blend of various models to give us an ideal output.In this undertaking, you will utilize a Gaze Detection Model to control your PC's mouse pointer. You will utilize the Gaze assessment model to appraise the look of the client and change the mouse pointer position in like manner. This task will exhibit your capacity to run various models in a solitary machine and organize the progression of information between those models.The motivation behind mouse cursor developments and snap location depends on skin discovery strategies. It is savvy continuous working framework


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