Tata Motors Marketing Strategies in Automobile Industries in India: A Study

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Aviral Mishra, Mr. Atish Khadse, Saurabh Kumar Srivastava


In India, we studied the Tata Motors Marketing Techniques in Automotive Industries. One of the most effective marketing campaigns in the car sector is the marketing campaign for TATA engines. Given the repute of Tata Motors Corporation, it is not difficult to understand why they are able to manufacture more than 4 million different styles of vehicles such as automobiles, vans, industrial vehicles. Tata Motors Limited, meanwhile, has also been the largest car maker in the Indian market today. Government laws are likely to get stricter, and could have a direct effect on the future of the business. We foresee a huge amount of improvement resulting from COVID-19. From demanding more seamless user services to prioritizing quality and safety functionality by purchase choices, customer behavior can shift in various forms. Changing to 'slow' travel and private (compared to public and/or shared) transport will influence potential passenger vehicle demand.

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