Comparative Study of Performance of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing with a Bio-Lubricant and ISOVG 100

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Mansi B. Patel, Dr.H.P.Patolia, Dr.K.B.Brahmbhatt


Journal bearing is a mechanical component that provides support to shafts in rotating machinery such as turbines in hydro power plants, rotor of ships, turbine of thermal power station etc. It works on the principle of hydrodynamic lubrication in which a thin film of lubricant is used to provide support to the shafts in rotating machineries. So the perfect function of journal bearing majorly depends on selection of proper lubricant. In the current scenario the majority of industries use petroleum oil as a lubricant in journal bearing due to this concentration of petroleum oil in earth crust decreasing rapidly and the wastage of petroleum oil causes hazardous impact on the environment. Comparative study of common synthetic lubricant ISO VG 100 with castor and soybean oil has been carried out. The friction forces and the fluid film Pressure Distribution are calculated analytically and compared with experiment data. Rapid consumption of petroleum resources and environmental risks alarms to use eco-friendly alternative. Mixture of castor-soybean oil is a non- edible sourced Bio-lubricant shows low coefficient of friction, anti-wear capability, low environmental hazard. The recent research states that castor oil improves the load carrying capacity as it has high in viscosity.

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