Behavioral Analysis of Embedded Linux Device Drivers on BeagleBone Black

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Jignesh J. Patoliya, Sagar B. Patel , Miral M. Desai , Ninad Desai


In the contemporary era, the Embedded Linux technology is in tremendous demand for various high-end applications like Internet of Things, Industrial Robotics, Smart Devices, Supercomputers. There is use of kernel device drivers in lowest level of Android and iOS which is emerging for more development in terms of the efficiency and robustness. The speed for communicating between the devices in all the technologies is the vital part, hence, the use of appropriate Embedded Linux Device Driver is needed out of IOCTL (Input Output Control), Procfs, Sysfs. The proposed paper relates to the behavioral analysis of the different types of device drivers on the ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) based platform BeagleBone Black Board. The implementation of these drivers is depicted in the proposed paper by cross-compiling the device driver from x86 platform to BeagleBone Black platform. The OS running on the BeagleBone Black is Linux kernel based Debian. The device driver is basic interface between the software and hardware for specific functionality.


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