Impact Of Interpersonal Needs On Performance And Creativity Of Millennial Managers In National Capital Region, India

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Dr. Anju Shukla, Prof. Brijesh Singh, Prof. Anu Singh Lather, Dr. Shilpa Jain


The research is undertaken to explore the effect of Interpersonal Needs on Performance and  Creativity of Millennial Managers. Self- administered questionnaires were used to collect the data from respondents across the National  Capital Region, India. The sectors covered for the study were Service and manufacturing. The research design for the study is quantitative, and systematic stratified sampling is used on a sample of 240 millennial.  The results showed that overall the millennial managers who were high on their interpersonal skills (total wanted need and total inclusion need) showed a high score on performance. But, having a closer look at the results showed that managers having a high score at Expressed Inclusion, Wanted Control, Wanted Inclusion showed a low performance in contrast to managers who had a high score on Expressed Control and were high on the performance dimension. Also, the impact of interpersonal skills on Creativity of the millennial were examined. The results were mixed, the managers scoring high on Expressed Inclusion, Expressed Control , Total Affection and total need were high on the creativity dimension but the managers scoring high on wanted Affection, total expressed needs and total wanted needs had a low score on Creativity. The research sample consists of millennials from Delhi NCR only. The implications could be more generalized if the data would have been more inclusive if the data into consideration would have been collected from pan India. This research has important managerial implications, as the senior managers can know the specific needs of the millennials and help them meet those needs so as to increase the performance and creativity of this particular workforce. Interpersonal skills/people skills and creativity are few of the sought after skills in the largest working force which constitutes of the millennial. So, the interpersonal skills in relation to performance and creativity needs to be studied and understood so as to manage them in such a manner that the organization is able to achieve its goals through its employees in the most effective and efficient manner.  The paper adds to management research by investigating the relationship between interpersonal skills, performance and creativity of millennials.

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