A Comparative Study Between Selected Gold Etfs And Physical Gold

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Dr. Jahnavi M, Namita P. Konnur, Prof. Brijesh Singh, Dr. N Babitha Thimmaiah


Over the years, investment in gold ETFs as an alternative investment to physical gold has increased. Generally, gold, gold ETF and gold mutual funds are considered as alternative investments to the socks and shares and hence the returns on these investments should closely follow the returns on the stocks. In other words, it is usually expected that there should not be any major difference in returns on the investment avenues. The current study is considered to be analytical research as it undertakes analysis of financial performance of top ten gold ETFs and its comparison with physical gold. The study is based on secondary data of market prices of gold ETFs obtained from NSE website and market prices of gold from MCX website during 2017-19.    The analysis from the above statistical tools used proves that there is a significant difference among the Gold ETFs and Physical form of Gold respectively. The returns of the Gold ETF's are higher compared to physical gold during the year 2017-19

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