Mental Health and Psychosocial Aspects of Coronavirus Outbreak in India: A Survey on Psychological perspective on the benefit of college students through Data Mining Tool

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Dr. D.SaravanaPriya, Dr. S. Suresh, Dr. S. Senthil kumar, Dr. V. Sujitha


In the fast mechanical world, people find no time to think about attaining happiness. Happiness really means being happy from one’s mind. The shape up of humans rightly begins from the adolescence stage. Every day a human’s timeslot is divided into two halves. The technological advancements grasp half a day while the working environment stresses the human for the rest half day. Ultimately the core objective is deviated. Today’s education pattern and the rapid technological advancements prevents the youth in involving them in constructive work. Corona virus makes the humans to understand what is life? Life is simple and the real benefit of human is only present life.Data Mining tools play an important role in data collection of student’s mindset in the present COVID era


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