The Development of Ball Throwing Machine Zpd 01 For Futsal Goalkeeper Training

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Zusyah Porja Daryanto, Sugiharto, Mugiyo Hartono, Setya Rahayu


The purpose of this study is to facilitate the futsal coach in providing some various goalkeeper training through the modern machine-based device. The developed device is designed as simple as possible so that the cost can be minimized and easier in the application. The ball thrower machine ZPD 01 for a goalkeeper has an upper and lower thrower, each thrower is equipped with a storage basket for storing the balls. This study is a research and development design with the techniques of data collection such as observation, interview, and administering a questionnaire. The validity testing is conducted which involved 3 experts consist of an engineer, electrical, and futsal. The purpose of the validity testing is to gather as much information as possible as input to develop a machine that can function optimally. The machine trial involved a limited sample which consists of 6 athletes with the result valid and useable. Next, the machine trial involved a larger subject of 12 athletes with the same results are valid and useable.


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