Digital Image Processing to Determine Weight and Classification of Cow Weight with Deep Learning

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Army Hudan Zhain, Mohamad Dienal Guitara, Bambang Urip Hidayahtuloh, Reza Adi Wibowo, Helmy Faisal Muttaqin


One of the cattle, cows, are the first commodity to produce meat for public’s consumption. Both of the quality and quantity of the meat of a cow are affected by the weight of the cow itself. The more a cow weighs means a better indicator for economy in a cattle ranch. A cow’s weight also involves in the production and reproduction process. Farmers are still using the conventional way in weighing the cows. Overcoming the problem, a solution that works as an alternative for the conventional cow weighing tool is needed. To be more practical, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be implied to help find the solution. The AI field to use is the Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network algorithms method. Based on the trial several scenarios, highest accuracy achieved on 0.89 by using EfficientNet without implementing Sobel and Canny.

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