The Effect of Communication Mix on Customer Purchase Decision (Survey on Ajimaru Ramen Bandung)

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Ryan Kurniawan, Rhiyan Shall, Wicky Tri Meidian, Adistiani, Dwi Rimayanti


Bandung is a city for culinary tourism. One of the culinary tours that is booming among young people lately is ramen noodles. Ajimaru Ramen is a cafe that sells various flavors of ramen noodles. In one day, Ajimaru can sell up to 126 bowls which can run out in just 6 hours, Ajimaru Ramen is open from 12 to 9 at night but never until 9, the ramen is gone. This Ajimaru Ramen is thought to be inseparable from marketing called Communication Mix, which is very effective Communication Mix marketing in the form of product purchase recommendations from consumers who are satisfied to try Ajimaru Ramen products to a wide audience. Based on the above background, the writer is interested in conducting research on the Effect of Communication Mix on Purchasing Decisions of Ajimaru Ramen Bandung Consumers. This study will discuss two variables, namely Communication mix as an independent variable with X notation and consumer purchasing decisions as the dependent variable with Y notation. Using simple random sampling techniques or simple random sampling, the sample is taken. a number of 80 people where the sample was taken randomly. From the results of the research and analysis conducted, communication mix has a positive effect on purchasing decisions for Ajimaru Ramen Bandung consumers.


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