Sharing Knowledge in Private College in Indonesia

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Ratna Komala Putri, Zakiyatul Amaliyah, Renaldo


The objectives of this research are to analyze and to reveal any study on sharing knowledge at private colleges in Indonesia.  The design/methodology/approach of this research used descriptive qualitative, it is used to find out conceptual models of sharing knowledge at private colleges in Indonesia. The findings based on empirical research are revealed that activities of sharing knowledge at private university in Indonesia have not been effective. Like activities of publishing scientific articles, presenting scientific articles, sharing experiences in seminar/conference, and taking part in conference, those activities are not implemented. Moreover, workshops and seminars on scientific writings are not held. The head of colleges does not do mentoring. Several private colleges in Indonesia have not utilize technology for sharing knowledge, doing discussion among lecturers, and helping one another in exchanging information about research and publishing scientific articles. The samples are 275 lecturers of several private colleges in west java. The results of this research have useful impacts to the head of college and lectures in increasing the effectiveness of sharing knowledge. The genuine/ value of this research gives beneficial contribution since the research about sharing knowledge at private colleges is rarely done.

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