The Impact of Compensation, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction on Performance

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SA Pratminingsih, Tantri Nur Suciati, Aty Wulandari


The purpose of this study to determine the effect of compensation, motivation, and job satisfaction on employee performance of BUMdes Malar Walatra. This research was conducted with a quantitative approach through questionnaires. In total, 30 questionnaires were distributed to all employees of BUMDes Malar Walatra who become the population using saturated sampling. Data analysis was then performed using multiple linear regression method. The outcomes of the investigation show that motivation, compensation, and job satisfaction simultaneously and independently affect performance. The study contributes to the literature by confirming the influence of motivation, compensation, and job satisfaction on performance. Thus, reinforce the findings of previous studies. On the practical level, the results of this research imply that organizations should pay close attention to provide the motivation, compensation, and job satisfaction needed to ensure good performances of the employees.

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