Applying the Fuzzy FMEA to Rank Risks in the Monthong Durian Supply Chain

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Witsarooth Paisaltanakij, Naraphorn Paoprasert, Suwitchaporn Witchakul


Thai raw durians and processed durian products has gained popularity among both domestic and international consumers. The demands of these goods were dramatically increased over the past several years. However, there are risks occurred in the production of raw durians and durian products. In this study, the supply chain of Monthong durian was diagnosed and categorized. It was found that there were 4 main stakeholders in the chain consisted of the supplier, the manufacturer, the distributor, and the retailer.  The processes responsible by each stakeholder and risks associated to each process were gathered using the classical FMEA technique. There were total of 64 risks in this supply chain. To relax the limitations of traditional FMEA, fuzzy FMEA technique and FRPNs were used to evaluate the collected data. The risks were finally classified into 3 types as high, intermediate, and low. There were 7 risks identified as high risks. Those concluded “insufficient fresh water”, “fluctuated durian price”, “storms”, “too much rain”, “clogged drainage”, “pest diseases”, and drought.

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