Digital Marketing Communication in the Covid-19 Outbreak

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Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha, Rama Sundawa Putra, Muhamad Akbar, Hajar El Ouardi


Digital marketing communication is directed to profiled targets, which are active in   the   communication   process.   Every   communication   flow   can   ask   for   an information answer from the market. Marketing communication is a form of communication that aims to strengthen the marketing strategy and communication applications to help the marketing activities of a company. In addition, the marketing communication activities are intended to introduce, establish and create interactions between companies with business partners and customers, and is an attempt to communicate the company, the products or services to outside business partners, suppliers and consumers. Marketing communication strategies in consumer goods marketing should be able to achieve the goal of marketing, that is satisfy to the customers. The purpose of this research is to see how digital marketing communication strategies can affect the increase in sales and number of customers’ in Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Covid -19 outbreak. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The results of this study show that the development of information technology is necessary for the community to support a variety of business activities both large and small. One of them is using digital marketing in the marketing system of a business unit to increase sales volume and the number of consumers that affect competitiveness in the Covid -19 outbreak.

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