Training Evaluation of Digital Marketing Training for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in Bandung City

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Meriza Hendri, Mohd Haizam Saudi, Roeshartono Roespinoedji


Government of Bandung City develops competencies of entrepreneurs in running business. One of program is digital marketing training in 2020. 60 entrepreneurs joined and government is demanded to evaluate this training. Research objective are to describe and analyze training evaluation level 1, training evaluation level 2 and training evaluation level 3 of digital marketing training. Unit analysis are entrepreneurs who participate in digital marketing training. Descriptive analysis is used to answer research question. Research methodology is exploratory survey with cross sectional. Population in this research is 60 entrepreneurs in the training. Participants were satisfied with training which indicated by facilities, instructors, training methods are responded good in the training evaluation level 1, unfortunately, material is less than expected due to limited time of training. There is a transfer of knowledge and skill on digital marketing that indicated an increase in the understanding of participants regarding to contents of training, who initially in the pre-test had an average 69 to an average 85 at the time of post-test based on the training evaluation level 2. There is a change in work behavior and implementation of digital marketing in the business as the result of training evaluation level 3 which indicated by application of digital marketing in their business. In addition, there is an increase of their attitudes and some of them are responsibilities and discipline as well as entrepreneurial mindset. In detail, the participants have applied training materials consisting of social media optimization, market places, social media video content design, product photos, search engine marketing, google my business, product packaging design, social media photo. Unfortunately, they are still limited in using websites in business. Social media used by participants in business are WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Marketplaces used are Shopee, Blibli, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Gofood and Grabfood. Constrained are limited of digital marketing literate, lack understanding of google business and website, lack of team in running digital marketing, lack support of facilities, limited internet connection, capital constraints, limited time and finally everything is done by yourself.

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