Impact Of The Electric Field And Equipotential Lines Remote Laboratory As A Tool To Support Inclusive Education

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P E Carreño H., A Ortega C. , F A Simanca H. , F Blanco G. , V Diago O


The technological advances in recent years have allowed generating new elements and tools that make the teaching-learning process at any educational level, more dynamic, functional, and purposeful; it is at this point that remote laboratories contribute to the use of new information and communication technologies. This article has been developed within the framework of the research project "design and implementation of a platform for virtual and remote laboratories, case study of electric field and equipotential lines laboratory". The design and testing of such laboratory allowed researchers to evaluate the incidence of these resources as support tools for inclusive education; they were also applied and validated with the students of the faculty of engineering at Universidad Libre, Bosque Popular branch in Bogotá. Thus, the remote laboratories started to be implemented in Universidad Libre as tools without any of the restrictions of the real laboratories, and it was possible to evidence the same development and to a great extent of the competencies that are sought to be developed with them.

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