Competencies to attract students' attention necessary from the point of view of educational bodies

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Dr. Hawraa abdulrazaq hameed


The aim of this research is to know the availability of attention drawing competencies in pupils which are important for teaching staff and knowing the statistically significant concept in these competencies according to sex (Male teacher) or (female teacher). And to achieve this, the researcher applied (null hypothesis) that as (there is no statistically significant difference in competencies of attention drawing in pupils from the inspect of teaching staff according to sex (Male teachers or Female teachers) and the researcher perform this study by descriptive analytic method. The research population were (5690) teacher, (2342) were male teachers and (3348) were female teachers. And randomized samples of (400) teachers, (200) were Male and (200) were female teachers and they count about 7 % from all study samples. The researcher also made a special scale to attention drawing competencies in pupils which contain 20 items and the researcher try to find the face validity and reliability for this scale, which was result (0.85) and this result is good and acceptable. Each item for this scale has question which had 3 options to answer from them (high, medium, low). And these options have been given (3,2,1) respectively. This study has been analyzed by SPSS and one sample T- test and two samples T – test was used. The results amplify that teaching staff has a good and acceptable level of attention drawing competencies for pupils. It also amplifies that there is statistically significant difference in these competencies according to sex (Male and female teachers) for male teachers. The researcher suggests to do similar study that deals with other factors like school location, the educational qualifications (academic certificate) for teaching staff and the service years (experience).

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