History Of Wasit In The Book Marasid Alaitilae Ealaa 'Asma' Al'amkinat Walbiqae

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Dr. Sawsan Fadhil Kadhim


The city of Wasit has received adequate care and attention by authors, historians and archaeologists, as they prepared the literature and glossaries of  mu'jam al-buldan, spots and places to introduce this ancient city, which dates back to its foundation in the first century AH, to describe the city in a comprehensive way as regards its surrounding villages, rivers and palaces, in addition to mentioning its  events  and its historical antiquities . The city of Wasit played many roles as it combined political, civilizational, historical, military and administrative factors, and the reason that prompted me to choose the city of Wasit is the importance it bears, as many researchers and politicians have explained that the political stability of Iraq is due to building this city; on the other hand the reasons for building the city of Wasit differ  from  that of the construction of both Kufa and Basra, and this difference is represented in the method of construction .The city of Wasit is fortified with a fence or wall, as many historians have mentioned, and there is also a ditch in it. The construction of the city of Wasit was the beginning of thinking about building cities with fortifications and military advantages.( 1)

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