Efficacious Oral Presentation using ICT tools and Virtual Reality for First-Year Undergraduate Engineering Students

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Ms. M. Geetha, Dr. S. V. Karthiga


In this modern era, teaching has become a more intricate, challenging, ingenious task for all teachers. Teachers are the ones who mold their students and are raised as responsible citizens for our country. They play many roles such as teacher, facilitator, counselor, career guider, etc. Thus they come across many challenges, hurdles, hindrances to engage students in this technological world. Due to the advent of new technology, it is arduous to engross students inside the classroom. Being with technology has become part of one's life. The paper focuses on an effective oral presentation using Virtual reality and ICT tools. Students were given some activities using gadgets as a tool during this COVID-19 quarantine, where they could make use of this time effectively. Though there were some challenges and implications, the presentation helped them to become a better communicator. Especially, these activities helped introverts to speak better since they present online and there were no stage and much audience. This online presentation is a platform to build a great speaker for the introvert. 


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