The Effect of Merger, Acquisition and Covid-19 on Customers Service of Union Bank of Indiain Delhi

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Dr. S. Pramila, Dr. Vinnarasi B


This paper aims to examine the views of employees on the attitude of clients to mergers and acquisitions and covid breakout. The main goal is to examine how in real life the relationship between customer service and the financial institution has impacted the banking industry. The paper analyses, using methodological methods, the most important cases of M&A among 10 retail banks and saving banks in the Indian sector between 2019 and 2020. To do this, face-to-face exploratory interviews were conducted by a selection of staff selected using a specialized sampling technique, especially with the Union Bank of India. The expectations of employees of the effects of M&A on customer service growth suggest that financial M&A has a negative impact on prices, the location and proximity of branches and financial sector routines, and has a positive impact on products and services after the M&A pandemic, covid-19. The purpose is to analyze the dominant factors influencing the merger and acquisition of the Union Bank of India, and to generalize the results of this review with caution. After the pandemics around Covid-19, affecting Merger and Acquisition, this paper explores the effects of M&A changes on customer service and long-term banking partnerships.

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