Lijiang Painting School: Self Construction and Negotiating Identity of the Artist Group in Guangxi Province, China.

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Chen Chongwei, Supachai Singyabuth, Peera Phanlukthao


The Lijiang Painting School is an artists group established in Guangxi, China. The purpose of the school is to construct Guangxi culture and the self-identity of the school. In this art group and crowd, a social network composed of tie and node is formed. The Lijiang Painting School has connected nodes both inside and outside, and the nodes are connected through ties from different angles. This group of artists is grouped together for identity negotiation. In comparing identities with other groups of artists or with other provinces in China, the Lijiang Painting School is the representative of Guangxi for identity negotiation. So my research concept is social network, self-identity construction and identity negotiation. This research adopts a qualitative research method. Through the study of the Lijiang Painting School, we understand the issues related to the identity construction and negotiation of theLijiang Painting School, and also discover the relationship between the artist group and Chinese society, and between groups and groups.

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