Analyzing the Level of Self Confidence of the Post Graduate Students in Relation to Certain Variables

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Gitali Kalita


Self-confidence implies a person’s professedcapability to tackle situations efficaciously on his own without leaning on others and to have a constructive self-evaluation. The objectives of the present study was to study and analyze the level of self-confidence among the postgraduate students in relation tocertain variables. The population of the study comprised of all the post graduate students of Dibrugarh University. As a sample, 300 students took part in. In order to collect the required data for the study, descriptive survey method was adopted. The samples for the study were selected by using both simple random and incidental sampling technique. The data were collected via Self Confidence Inventory (SCI) by Rekha Gupta.The results of the study revealed no significant difference on self confidence among the postgraduate students in terms of gender and stream of study.

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