Formation of Forward – Reverse Actions to Motivate the Conservation Ability in Children 5-6 Years of Age

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Phan Trong Ngo et al.


The content of the article refers to the experiment of which the theories of both Piaget and Galperin are combined to form forward and reverse actions, thereby developing the conservation ability in 5-to-6-year-old children. The experimental results revealed the strong correlation in forward direction between the forward – reverse actions and conservation ability of children; forming forward – reverse actions in children 5-6 years old using Galperin’s intellectual action stages, in comparison with the performance in normal conditions (control), has significantly increased the number of children achieving these actions, leading to the significant improvement of conservation ability of children engaged in the experiment. Thus, the organization and training for children 5-6 years old to perform the forward and reverse actions following the intellectual action stages listed in Galperin’s theory has accelerated the speed and degree of forming some of the children’s conservation categories, which will be both higher than the normal limits as determined by Piaget et al. at which any child gain initially the abilities.

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