Employee Voice Determinants And Organizational Innovation: Does The Role Of Senior Manager Matter?

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Muhammad Farhan Basheer, Muneeba Saleem, Waseem Ul Hameed, Muhammad Mubbashar Hassan


This study investigates the effect of employee participation and involvement via voice behavior on organizational innovation using a quantitative methodology. Data collection is conducted via e-mail on samples of employees in the textile industry of Pakistan. This study can help resolve the many challenges faced by the Pakistani textile industry of today by presenting ways in which it can practice self-innovation via its employees thus improving its competitive advantage. This study reveals that employee involvement and participation through their voice and idea sharing can positively impact organizational innovation. Senior managers act as the moderator in this study whereby their supportive role is proven to increase employee voice behavior, participation and involvement as well as strengthen the relationship between the determinants of employee voice behaviour and innovation. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, this is the first study investigating this topic in this context; hence, it serves as an enriching addition to the existing literature on this subject. All the combined effects of the independent, dependent and moderating variables were examined through PLS.

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