Redefining the Concept of Muslim Ummah in the Perspective of Globalization

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Dr. Muhammad Shahid Habib, Dr. Saeed Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Junaid Mughal, Abbas Ali Raza


This paper investigates the concept of ‘Muslim Ummah’ in the light of the Qur’an, Arab tradition, Medieval, modern period and in the context of globalization. There is a great need to study the classic and modern Muslim scholars from the perspective of their research contribution before redefining the notion of ‘Muslim Ummah’.   The objectives of this study are: 1) what is the meaning of the term Ummah and its usage in the Quran, medieval and modern period? 2) What is the true concept of ‘Muslim Ummah’ in the broader vision of Islam and in the context of globalization? Moreover, why does the concept of ‘Muslim Ummah’ need to be redefined in the perspective of Globalization today? The current situation of ‘Muslim Ummah’ has inherited ethical and cultural values regarding their geographical affiliations that reflect Islam so much colorful than the original identity of the ‘Muslim Ummah’. This study also suggests that the revival of the Muslim Ummah could not be achieved without transferring the true Islamic philosophy among the Muslim intellectuals. The enhancement of the knowledge of Muslim intellectuals could strengthen the Muslim Ummah in the context of globalization. The study is descriptive and analytical in nature. Internal and external criticism has been addressed and analysed to meet the objectives of the study. This study is based on authentic and significant references of the scholars, researchers and curriculum developers.

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