The Coverage of Violence Against Women in Daily Jeejal Newspaper

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Rameez Ali Mahesar, Worakamol Wisetsri, Zareen Qadeer, Fozia Soomro


History avouches for decades that without concerning their personal sentiments, emotions and feelings, women have been treated as properties and have also been seen working like the servants in their own homes. This research paper aims at examining systematically the newspaper coverage of violence against women in Sindh.A quantitative content analysis of Sindhi print media was done for the period of two months i.e. 1st January 2020 to 29th February 2020. A reputed local newspaper of Sindh; Daily Jeejal Sindhi-language newspaper was chosen for the current study on the basis of its circulation and readership. Different types of the violence inflicted upon women across Sindh province were used as the themes of the coverage in this study. The newspaper, as the findings show, has brought 110 news about the violence against women in Sindh. It was observed that the greatest proportion of the coverage (32%) was given to the issue of domestic violence with different ways. Also, the other problems regarding violence against women were seen in the newspaper but they were out of the context of this study.


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