Till They Pay Jizyeh with Willing Submission and Themselves Feel Subdued: A Study of Explication and Jurisprudence

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Ahmed Suleiman Al-Riqib, Ahmed Dawwod Shahrori


The study aims to refute the claim that Islam oppresses and humiliates the dhimmis by forcefully imposing Jizyeh (tribute) on them after their countries have been conquered. The study comprises two topics: the first is concerned with Allah’s saying in the Holy Quran: “Till they pay Jizyeh with willing submission and themselves feel subdued”. The topic summarizes opinions of explicators starting from their head, Al-Tabari, up till now. It demonstrates that, “Al-Saghar” mentioned in verse number (129) of chapter (9) Al-Tawbeh (repentance), most likely doesn’t mean oppression or revenge.

            The second topic focuses on Islamic jurisdiction summarizing doctrines of jurists on the issue of tribute and the way dhimmis pay it.

            The findings revealed a conformity between Judicial and explicatory interpretations which unveiled shariah truthfulness, dominance, and justice.

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