A Study of Linguistic and Social Dynamics in the Growth of Ethnic Identity

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Fouzia Rehman Khan, Dr. Mehwish Malghani, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Ayesha Tanveer


Ethnic identity is one of the most important identities of the multi-ethnic and multilingual people of Pakistan. The present study focuses on the influence of linguistic and social dynamics in the growth and accentuation of ethnic identity of Baloch people who form a majority in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan. This mixed method study is theoretically underpinned by Smolicz theory of ‘Cultural Core Value’. The data for the purpose is collected from a non-random sample of Baloch people through a questionnaire constructed on a Likert scale. SPSS is used for statistical analysis of the data, which is then interpreted. The results show that the influence of linguistic and social dynamics is significant on the growth of ethnic identity of a group.

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