Comparative Analysis of Color and Texture based Skin Recognition Techniques using Hand Segmentation Images

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P.Durgadevi,S.Vaishanavi,T.Veeramakali, S.Prabu


Seeing pixels of skin in pictures or video plans which consolidates people has various applications, especially those linked with Man Machine Interaction measures. Maximum effort on skin acknowledgment is predicated on showing the skin on different concealing planetarys. Proposed paper sightsees the utilization of surface in view of  descriptor for the abstraction of skin pixels in pictures. For a comparative explanation, we separated and arranged a proposed concealing based skin affirmation count (using RGB, HSV and YCbCr depiction planetarys) with a surface based skin area figuring which habits a measure called Spectral Variation Coefficient (SVC) to check zone features. We presented and surveyed the supportiveness of each and every skin division subtleties like tone and surface under different experimentations that dissected the accuracy of the two approaches (for instance concealing and surface) under an indistinguishable course of action of hand divided pictures.  

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