Prospective Teachers 'Coping Strategies with reference to Academic Streams and Learning Styles

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Dr. Pushpa Devi


The present study attempts to explore how academic streams and learning styles play role in the preferences of coping strategies among prospective teachers. A quantitative approach was selected to explore the relationship. A survey was conducted with 300 prospective teachers (150 of science stream and 150 of humanities stream). A multi-stage random sampling technique was used to collect relevant information. Research instrument to measure coping strategies was developed by the researcher himself and Learning Style Inventory (LSI) by Ritu Dangwal & Sugata Mitra, 1997 was used to measure learning styles of prospective teachers. Statistical techniques i.e. mean, S.D., multivariate ANOVA were applied. Results revealed an essential significant effect of academic streams and learning styles on preference of coping strategies among prospective teachers. It is recommended that teacher training institutions should establish guidance or counseling centers to provide counseling to prospective teachers regarding coping skills and learning styles.

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