Longevity of hope, its causes, effects, and treatments in light of the Qur’an and Hadith.

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Dr Nidhal Hanash Shabar Al-Saadi , Shaima Jassim Mohammed


This study came to show the importance of long hope and its extent on human life, and I found that through the research, the majority of the scholars did not address this topic separately, and did not explain the travails of this situation and the worldly problems it causes to its owner, and the consequences that fall upon it in the hereafter. Most of the studies inside of the books consisted of a simple presentation of this problem and an explanation of the remedies that came to us from the Qur’an and the hadiths and the Sunnah, and on the sayings of the imams of guidance (may the best prayers and peace be upon them), and on the chosen companions and followers, may God be pleased with them, but the length of hope does not stop At a certain time and limit, it is constantly renewed at all times and times, as it is one of the weapons of Satan with which he enters the servant and changes his state from one state to another. In order to find out about a problem, we must define the causes of this problem and the motives that drive a person to fall into it, and then show the negative effects of it, and then put systematic remedies to treat it, and these causes touch them in our daily life, and their effects have become apparent to everyone with insight in Islamic and non-Islamic societies. It was in our societies still going hand in hand, because of the religious teachings that God Almighty had revealed in His Noble Book to His Great Prophet (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him), while it began to strike the rest of societies with force and unparalleled violence.And after we explained the causes and effects of this psychological scourge, we examined the solutions provided by the Qur’an and the Prophetic hadiths, and what was mentioned from the sayings of the Imams of Guidance (peace be upon them) and the honorable Companions, and what these Sunnahs and purified sayings have shown us are effective remedies for prolonged hope and pursuit of whims and desires.

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