Environment and genetics and their impact on the formation of human behavior and morals

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Dr. Yusef Bin Abdullah Hussain Al-Hazmi , Dr. Fathy Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel-Rahman


The topic of this research revolves around the environment and heredity and their impact on the formation of human behavior and morals. The aim of the research is to know the morals in the human being stemming from himself and concentrated in it fossilized and not subject to change and alteration, or are they subject to change and acquisition by the lofty educational methods such as the environment, inheritance and others, and the methodology followed in this research It is (the analytical method) based on analyzing the contents of texts and extracting the meaning from them, highlighting it in a simple form, and formulating it in an objective form.

The study resulted in the following most important results:

First: Ethics in Islam are all Islam. This indicates that creation is an origin that is linked to man’s creation and his innate nature, as it is his open insight into acquiring virtue and integrity.

Second: Human morality is a form that exists in the soul by force, and then it becomes an act with ease and difficulty at other times. A philosophical view that penetrates him into the interior and that is why human morals are subject to change from bad to good, and from good to better, and vice versa, and thus man was responsible for his actions and morals, and accountable for his misbehavior.

Third: If a person grows up in a righteous environment, a fine school and a polite companionship, it will grow well and create the most complete character, and vice versa. Thus, it becomes clear that both types of the environment have a clear effect on the body, mind and creation, such as heredity

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