The Roles Of Village Public Health Volunteer (Vphv) Conducting The Prevention And Reduction Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Pattani Province.

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Kameelah Sawee, Somporn Naklang, ManasRanjan Behara, Kingkeaw Sangpaew


The objective of this research is to study the rolesof the village public health volunteers in helping to prevent and to reduce the COVID-19 pandemic in the Pattani province. This is a qualitative research. The research is done by document analysis, participated and non-participated observation, in-depth interview with 3 sample groups of people namely, the public health volunteer executives, the volunteers, and the people who received the services, totaling 42 key informants in the area of Baan Kampong-baru, Pithen sub-district of Thungyangdaeng district and Baan Pho, Makrut sub-district of Khokpho district in the Pattani province, Thailand.  It is found from the study that the public health volunteers have had 3 additional duties taken during the COVID-19 pandemic: The implementation of the roles and duties of the volunteers in the pandemic prevention manner, cooperation with the other organizations in the pandemic prevention manner, and cooperation with the leaders of the communities and the religion leaders in the area, reducing the risk of the infection and the pandemic of COVID-19. The result was the ability to quickly control the COVID-19 pandemic in the area.

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