Improved Device Discovery in Bluetooth Networks

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Niti Singhal, Dr. Kausar Ali


Security has become a critical requirement for IoT deployments. Key challenges in wireless mobile ad hoc networks are computational resource constraints, power limitations, and efficient service discovery techniques. The short-range radio network technology Bluetooth suffers from long service discovery delays and high-power consumption due to necessary connection establishment between discovering and discovered entity. Therefore, in order to enhance the security, as well as improving the discovery process, the best alternative is Frequency Hop  Spread  Spectrum (FHSS), which is already employed in Bluetooth discovery, but rather required to be improved. Current BLE transmitters are susceptible to selective jamming due to long discovery times for a channel. To mitigate these constraints, we propose physical-layer security through a Bit Level Fast Frequency-Hopping (BLF FHSS) scheme. It can be seen in simulation, that the hopping frequency estimation performance of our proposed method is the best, and its running time is shortest.


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