Transitional aggrandizing programme for homeless

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Vivek Shegokar, et. al.


In the Era of Pandemic and outbreak of deadly virus, the world is looking for vaccine or the solution, yet no one is talking about one of the deadliest virus which has been eating mankind and killing almost 12000 people per day. This virus is hunger. One might have come across beggars, street urchins and elderly homeless people on a daily basis asking for food or money. One tries to reach his/her pocket and hands over two rupees and moves on, but somewhere expects a better life for them. Being homeless and asking for food are sides of the same coin: "poverty".

To remove poverty various schemes are made but there is no proper way that is being implemented and added corruption in these programs. Solutions are provided for homeless people by different governments but none of the solutions provide permanent solution. There are certain categories to homeless people which include kids, women, families, elderly people, mentally unstable people but no certain organization is taking care of the same. The paper suggests a transitional aggrandizing program for uplifting the homeless people on the basis of different categories with the mission of having zero homeless people in the country.

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