Livelihood Security and Empowerment Status of Tribal Women in Tamil Nadu

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G. Sahaya Leoni, et. al.


Tribal women work very hard for the livelihood of their family. They live a poor life in spite of having their contributions in the house as well as in the farm. They have a pivotal role in socio-economic needs, performing many household affairs. Without them, tribal welfare in livelihood is meaningless. The living condition of tribals is often appalling; with very low standards of living, little earnings, poor education and insufficient access to adequate health care. Because of these social and economic problems, the majority of tribals in Nilgiri and Dindigul Hills still remain economically backward and undeveloped. Majority of tribal population of these districts live in forest and remote areas. Tribals have been living in the forest since ancient times and the forest is the backbone of the tribal economy. They face lots of health problems like malnutrition and diseases and even today they lack drinking water, electricity, housing and other basic facilities. The main objective of this studies to study the profile characteristics of tribal women and find out the relationship between profiles characteristics of tribal women and their livelihood security in Nilgiri and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu. The study concludes by an actuality, the living conditions and status of the tribal women are still backward; the Government needs to focus on livelihood security among tribal women and implement without discrimination through economic channels.


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