Research Management of School Administrators in Samar Division, Philippines

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Genaro O. Basas , et. al.


Research is utilized as an aid to any educational innovation and a tool for knowledge building. It is imperative to promoting evidence-based decision and policy-making at different levels of school governance (San Miguel, 2019). This study was designed to assess the research management of school administrators in senior high schools in the Division of Samar, Philippines during the School Year 2019-2020. This study used descriptive research with correlational analysis. Total enumeration in the selection of 68 senior high school administrators was employed.  Results revealed that senior high school administrators are less competent in research management. Their competencies in research management were not yet well-developed since they lacked years of practice in getting along with people, cultivating people’s research potentials, implementing research policies and initiatives, and using research outputs for the benefits of the school which resulted to unclear and undefined plan in research data management as to storage, dissemination, and utilization, and they did not put in place a systematic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for research.  Thus, it is recommended that selection and promotion of school heads in all levels, elementary, junior and senior high school should include criterion on research management competencies of the applicant-school heads. All school personnel should be engaged in research by motivating and providing them more research incentives and benefits, and increasing more chances for interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities to improve their research productivity.

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