Dasbodh Philosophy, Inner Peace and Holistic Peac

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Amol Neve, et. al.


A person always wants happiness in his life  & hence his mind always keep thinking to have well-being & to suppress the sadness. Nobody wants grief. However, an individual could not neglect grief & does not get happiness as per expectation. Hence, life has become stressful & violent. An individual is under tension, frustration, conflict & in opposition. Further today due to heavy competition, ever changing technology, expectations from family, peer pressure at workplace person’s life has become like a  machine. Our mind always keeps thinking of various aspects of releated to work, family, social relationships, economic conditions, success etc & so on. A person spends all his energy to acquire the physical tangible elements needed for his day to day life to gain happiness. Mind is not in control & a person becomes  restless  & loses the his peace of mind. Research his aimed to how Dasbodha philosophy  can help an individual to develop  inner peace in his today’s day to day life.

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