Investigating the Factors that Affect Students’ Paragraph Writing in EFL Classroom:-The Case of three Selected High School Grade 9th Students in Goro Dola District, East Guji Zone.

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Kuli Abe Tura


The objective of this study is to investigate factors that affect students’ paragraph writing in EFL classrooms with special reference to grade 9 students of three selected secondary schools of Goro Dola District, East Guji Zone. The study identified a range of specific factors that could be broadly categorized into student- related factors, teacher- related factors, and pedagogical factors. The findings of the study also revealed that lack of time to practice in the classroom and provision of less interesting topics for writing were identified as the major pedagogical factors that affect the students’ EFL paragraph writing. On the basis of the findings of the study, it was recommended for teachers to carefully select, modify and adopt topics of paragraph writing lessons by considering the familiarity and interestingness of the topics of paragraph writing lessons in the classroom

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