Project Based Learning Model Based on Local Wisdom in Citizenship Education Courses to Prevent Radicalism among Students

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Abdul Haris Fatgehipon, et. al.


The study aimed at developing a project-based learning model based on the local wisdom in the learning process of the citizenship education course. It also aimed at preventing radicalism among students and forming student habits in interpreting local wisdom as a bridge of tolerance. The study employed a research and development (R&D) design. The subject of the study included 40 PIPS Education students at the State University of Jakarta. The method of collecting data on local wisdom in society that can prevent students from radicalism through observation, questionnaires, interviews, and field notes, then measuring the feasibility of learning model design. Project-based learning used a questionnaire after learning activities are carried out. The results of a questionnaire on the application of project-based learning to the prevention of radicalism obtained an average result of 82 percent of students who strongly agree with the application of the project-based learning model based on the local wisdom, and it can prevent the values of radical times among PIPS students of the Jakarta State University


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