The Social Relationship of Traditional Fishermen with Electric Steam Power Plant at Suralaya Banten, Indonesia

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Suwaib Amiruddin


Industrial development is one factor changing the ecosystem, causing fishermen to experience a shift in fishing areas. The purpose of this study was to determine the social relationship between the fishing community near​​the Electric Steam Power Plant (ESPP) Suralaya, Banten Province, Indonesia. The research was conducted using qualitative exploration methods. Primary data collection was carried out through participatory observation, in-depth interviews, documentation, and Focus Group Discussion. Members of the fishing community and Suralaya power plant officers participated in the study. The results showed that traditional fishermen wholived in the Suralaya region since the 1950s arecontinue fishing in the midst of ESPPSuralaya constructionwhich was carried out in four stages from 1984 until 2011. Theexistence of a power plant causes climate change in coastal areas, especially in the immediate vicinity. Since 2019, the Suralaya power plant has prepared a boat landing site for whfishermen as part of its corporate social responsibility. Institutionally, ESPPSuralaya provides educational and religious assistance to the communities surrounding the ESPP development. Institutional social relations in the environment agree to protect each other in the area of ​​catch to remain free from industrial waste. Fishermen are advised not to make catch in the red zone area designated by the Suralaya power plant.

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