An investigation into the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility disclosures on the satisfaction level of employees during COVID-19 times: Evidences from Multinational Corporations in UAE

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Sarwat Jahan, et. al.


The purpose of this research is to present empirical findings related to the impact of CSR on the job satisfaction level of employees during the Pandemic times, especially in reference to the case of multinational corporations operating within the boundaries of United Arab Emirates. In this context, the factor of CSR was further categorised into three essential constructs of philanthropic responsibilities, environmental responsibilities, and welfare of general public. In reference to the methodological choices, the study has undertaken quantitative research design, which has been supported through the use of positivist philosophy and deductive approach. In addition, the study has collected primary data from a total of 250 employees through questionnaire, which had a total of 5 sections including; demographics, philanthropic responsibility, environmental responsibility, welfare of general public, and employee satisfaction. The study found that employee satisfaction had strongly positive (uphill) linear relationship with the variables of philanthropic responsibilities and environmental responsibilities. The study further elaborated that the organizational philanthropy in the era of Covid-19 has significantly positive impact on the satisfaction levels of employees.


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